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OP. 82     Arrangements of Songs of Peter Chapel: Part Two (1991,92)

OP. 82A   Hester Canyon Suite (Piano and String Quartet)

OP. 82B   Laurel Canyon Medley (Violin and Piano)

OP. 82c   Five Variations on a Song of Peter Chapel (Clarinet and Piano)

OP. 82D   Twelve Songs (String Quartet)

OP. 82E   Eighteen Songs (Piano and String Quartet)

OP. 82F   Ballad of a Live Oak Tree (Vocal Quartet and Piano)

OP. 82G   Los Angeles, Queen of Angels (A capella Vocal Quartet)

OP. 83     Eight Poems of Mickey King (1991) (8 Songs) (Voice and Piano)

OP. 84     Song: The Master's Life (1992) (Voice and Piano)
                 (Claudia Humphrey)

OP. 85     Suite 75-90 for Piano (1975,86,90, arr. 1992)

OP. 86     Meditation No. 1: The Breath of Life (1992) (Cantata)
                  (Chorus, Soloists, Audience and Orchestra)

OP. 87     Meditation No. 2: The Soul at Peace (1992) (Cantata) 
                  (Chorus, Soloists, Audience and Orchestra)

OP. 88     Three Poems of cesar Vallejo (1993) (3 Songs)
                 (Voice and Piano)

OP. 89      La corona (1993) (7 Songs) (Voice and Piano) (John Donne)

OP. 90      Three Songs For Vicky (1993) (Voice and Piano) 
                  (Marvin Bell, Lawrence Durrell, William Meredith)

OP. 91      Meditation No. 3: Message of Radiance (1993) (Cantata) 
                  (Chorus, Soloists, Audience and Orchestra)

OP. 92      Final chant (1993) (unaccompanied)

OP. 93      Formats for Nine Minor Full Moon Festivals (1994)

OP. 94      Ode on a Grecian Urn (1993) (3 Songs) (Voice and Piano) 
                   (John Keats)

OP. 95      Four Songs in Spanish (1993) (Voice and Piano) 
                  (Federico García Lorca, Nicanor Parra, César Vallejo, 
                   and Pablo Neruda)

OP. 96      Four Sacred Songs (1994) (Voice and Piano) 
                  (Gerard Manley Hopkins)

OP. 97      Two Songs (1994) (Voice and Piano) (Bill Rainwater)

OP. 98      Song: Sonnet Sixty-Four (1994) (Voice and Piano) 
                  (William Shakespeare)

OP. 99      Song: Mary Stood Weeping (1996) (Voice and Piano)
                  (John 20: 11-16)

OP. 100    Vanya (1997) (Opera) (Soloists and chamber Orchestra)
                  (Anton Chekov)

OP. 101    Two Pieces for Organ (1998)

OP. 102    Sonata No. 3 for Piano (2000) (Regulus)

OP. 103    Three Songs in Spanish (2000) (Voice and Piano)
                  (Sor Juana Inéz de la Cruz, Juana de Ibarbourou, 
                   Gabriela Mistral)

OP. 104    Four Poems by Sylvia Plath (2000) (4 Songs) (Voice and Piano)

OP. 105    Sonata No. 4 for Piano (2001) (Alcyone)

OP. 106    Three Songs for Andy Rawn (2001) (Voice and Piano)

OP. 107    The Twenty-Third Psalm (2001) (12 Pieces) (Organ)

OP. 108    Sonata for Horn and Piano (2001) (Stanza IX of Dzyan)

OP. 109    Four Passages (2001) (Cantata) (Soprano, Baritone and Piano)
                  (T.S. Eliot)

OP. 110    childe Roland to the Dark Tower came (2001) (Cantata No. 3)
                  (Vocal Quartet and Piano) (Robert Browning)

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