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OP. 1       Seven Songs from William Blake (1964,77) (Voice and Piano)

OP. 2       Seven color Pieces for Piano (1966,80)

OP. 3       Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (1968)

OP. 4       Ballad Sonata for Violin and Piano (1970)

OP. 5       Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (1972)

OP. 6       Sonata No.1 for Piano (1972)

OP. 7       Lead Thou My Feet (1974) (Hymn) (Josephine Royle)

OP. 7A     Lead Thou My Feet (1974, arr. 1979) (Chorus and Piano)
                 (Josephine Royle)

OP. 8       Three Sacred Songs (1974,75,80) (Voice and Piano)
                 (Josephine Royle)

OP. 9       Song: Invocation of Unity (1974) (Voice and Piano)(trad.)

OP. 9A     Song: Invocation of Unity (1974, arr. 1975) (simpler version)

OP. 9B     Song: Invocation of Unity (1974, arr.1980 Michelina Foster)

OP. 9c     Song: Invocation of Unity (1974, arr.1983 Peggy cristal and 
                 M. Foster)

OP. 9D     Song: Invocation of Unity (1974, arr. 1979) (Chorus and Piano)

OP. 9E     Song: Invocation of Unity (1974,  arr. 1977) (Organ)

OP. 10     Invocation of the Holy Trinity (1975) (12 Offertories for Organ)

OP. 11     Episodes on the Spiritual Path (1975) (5 Preludes for Organ)

OP. 12     The Seven-Fold Spirit of Christ (1975) (7 Offertories for Organ)

OP. 13     Two Sacred Songs (1975) (Voice and Piano) (Lurrine Burgess)

OP. l4      The Divine Plan of creation (1975) (14 Preludes and Offertories
                  for Organ)

OP. 15     Jesus Christ Superstar (1972-75) (arr. Organ Solo) 
                 (Andrew Lloyd Webber)

OP. 16     Song: Where Did We Meet Before? (1975) (Voice and Piano)
                 (Teresa Mitchell)

OP. 17     Visions From the Earth (1976) (10 Songs) (Voice and Piano)
                 (Emily Brontë)

OP. 18     12 Lyric Preludes for Piano (1976)

OP. 19     Song: The Invocation of Peace (1976) (Voice and Piano)

OP.19A    Song: The Invocation of Peace (1976, arr. 1976) 
                 (Chorus and Piano)

OP. 20      Song: The Eagle and the Dove (1976) (Voice and Piano)
                 (Joan Dwyer)

OP. 21      Sonata for cello and Piano (1976) (Bicentennial)

OP. 22      Song: Listen, O Pilgrim (1976) (Voice and Piano)
                  (Alice A. Bailey)

OP. 23      Invocations (1976) (Cantata) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)

OP. 23A    Invocations (1974,76, arr. 1975-76) (Piano Solo)

OP. 24      The Earth, the Wind and the Sky (1977) (15 Songs) 
                  (Voice and Piano) (Emily Bronte)

OP. 25      Visions from the Flame (1977) (10 Songs) (Voice and Piano)
                  (William Blake)

OP. 26      3 Festival Preludes for Piano (1976,77,80)

OP. 27      Quartet for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano (1977)

OP. 28      Six Blessings (1977) (6 Pieces for Piano) (Joan Dwyer)

OP. 28A    Six Blessings (1977, arr. 1978) (Organ Solo) (Joan Dwyer)

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