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Vicky Brago-Mitchell

Welcome to my gallery! My name is Vicky Brago-Mitchell. These images are based on a new kind of math called fractal geometry, developed in the 1970s and 80s by French mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot (20 November 1924 - 14 October 2010), and are created by repeating simple patterns billions and trillions of times. Until today's fast computers became widely available, only mathematicians had seen fractals; now everyone can enjoy their intricacy and beauty. (For more explanation read Fractal Geometry.)

Programs used are Ultra Fractal, Fractal eXtreme, XenoDream and Chaoscope. (Mostly Ultra Fractal.) If there is post-processing, it was done in Photoshop.

My pictures were shown at the
Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea
(Film: biennale-firenze.mp4, 327 MB) which opened on Saturday, December 3, 2005 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy. (cascade is at about 18:18 of the film.) Also at the Agora Gallery in NYC December 15, 2005 - January 10, 2006. I did the cover art for the December 2005 issue of Latin Finance (pdf) magazine. They wanted bluebrown with the colors in Glitter. I tried! Ionic was used by the Wu Chien Shiung Education Foundation in Taiwan to publicize their Science Camp. Shore was chosen by the Consorzio EINSTEIN, Università del Salento, Gallipoli, Lecce (Italy) to publicize the international conference of physicists Nonlinear Physics, Theory and Experiment, V, June 12-21, 2008.

From physics to chocolates! The Sugarless Company in Australia produced, in May 2008, boxes of delicious sugar-free chocolates, using Violet 2 as the basis of the product design. Clicking on these links will show you the pictures: Rose Dark Chocolate and Violet Dark Chocolate.

A beautiful new book about seashells and other mollusks was published in Russia in October 2007, Наталья Московская: Раковины мира. История, коллекционирование, искусство (World of Shells by Nathalie Moscow), which includes several of my fractals as examples of shells in art.

I want to thank Chris Reddy of Cool Hot Links for making a set of 60 icons to download for free: Fractal Icons. Enjoy!

New November 2008: Prayer Evolving: Five Personal Explorations of the Future of Prayer by Dennis Rivers. Available as a pdf file, via display engine, and as a paperback edition with color illustrations (most of them my fractals) from

New March 2011: The New Faces of Organizations in the 21st Century, published by North American Institute of Science and Information Technology, Editor Mohammad A. Sarlak. The books, Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 have my fractals Op Art, Crosshairs and Seaweed 3 on the covers.

New August 2011: Spiral of Fulfillment: Living an Inspired Life of Service, Simplicity & Spiritual Serenity [Paperback]W. Bradford Swift (Author), Caroline L. Wyrosdick (Editor), Vicky Brago-Mitchell (Cover Design), Ann T. Swift (Designer).

To set any of these as your desktop wallpaper on a PC, click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized picture, then right-click on the picture and select Set as Background. They can be stretched to fit most screen resolutions without a significant loss of quality. Mac users can save images in their Macintosh HD> Library> Desktop Pictures folder.

For iPad, press Save Image and it will go to Photos. Then in Settings it will appear as a wallpaper option.

The pictures are in chronological order, with the new ones always on the last page. (Actually, the most recent ones are only on the index page because I am a little behind. You can see what's new from the fractal art vicky pages at Zazzle.)

If you would like to copy a picture and use it in a webpage please ask permission. I'll usually give it, if you promise a credit and link to me. It's not possible to hotlink them. I no longer license images for commercial use.

Posters and fine art prints are sold by, RedBubble, Imagekind,; and prints, greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs and many other products by and links go to my stores on each site.

Animated gifs:
Accordion Animation
Aurora Animation
Autumn Song 2 Animation
Bazaar Animation
Black And White Animation
Blue And White Animation
Blue Cosmos Animation
Blue Geometry Animation
Blue Gold 3 Animation
Blue Green 2 Animation
Blue Green 4 Animation
Bougainvillea Animation
Bright Gnarl 2 Animation
Celtic Fractal Animation
Color 2 Animation
Curtain 2 Animation
Explosion Animation
Lantern Animation
Rainbow Swirl Animation
Red And Black Animation
Seasons Greetings 2 Animation
Struck By Lightning Animation
Wheel 3 Animation
Yellow On Red Animation

There are mp4 versions of our movies on the mp4 download page: Free iPod Video -- and very big avi versions here: Fractal Movies.

More about me? Vicky Drake

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Golden Dragon
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Bright Lights
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Poseidon's Throne
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