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Classical Music - John Mitchell
    John Mitchell, composer - complete Works, Page 23


OP. 59      Psalm Sixteen (1985) (Chorus and Organ)

OP. 59A    Psalm Sixteen (1985, arr.1990) (Piano Solo)

OP. 60      Trio for Two Trumpets and Trombone (1986) (Memorial)

OP. 61      Two Songs from Elizabeth (1986) (Voice and Piano) (Elizabeth Cotton)

OP. 62      Three Sonnets of Keats (1986) (3 Songs) (Voice and Piano)

OP. 63      Golden Planet (1986) (Oratorio) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)

OP. 63A    O mundo hay paz por ti (1986) (arr. 1992) (Chorus and Piano)

OP. 64      Science of the Soul (1988) (Oratorio) (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)

OP. 65      Suite for Oboe and Piano (1987-88) (Three Blessings)

OP. 66      Seven Songs of Michelina Foster (arr. 1988) (Piano Solo)

OP. 67      West Side Story (arr. 1988) (Chorus and Piano) (L. Bernstein)

OP. 68      Four Sonnets of Michelangelo (1988) (4 Songs) (Voice and Piano)

OP. 69      Song for Kim-Sam (1988) (Two Pianos)

OP. 70      Heart of the New Earth (1988) (Oratorio) (Chorus, Soloists, and Orchestra)

OP. 71      Seven Journeys to Earth (1989) (35 Songs)(Voice and Piano) (Emily Brontë)

OP. 72      Six Sonnets of Michelangelo (1989) (6 Songs) (Voice and Piano)

OP. 73      First Corinthians Thirteen (1989) (3 Songs) (Voice and Piano)

OP. 74A    Song of the Universal (1989) (Cantata No. 1) (Vocal Quartet and Piano)
                 (Walt Whitman)

OP. 74B    On the Beach at Night (1990) (Cantata No. 2) (Vocal Quartet and Piano)
                 (Walt Whitman)

OP. 75      Les Miserables (arr. 1989) (Chorus and Piano) (C.M. Schönberg)

OP. 76A    Two Psalms (1989) (Psalms 33, 37) (Two Sopranos and Piano)

OP. 76B    Three Songs (1976,78,80 arr. 1989) (Two Sopranos and Piano)

OP. 77      The Harmony of the Universe (1990) (Oratorio) 
                 (Chorus, Soloists and Orchestra)

OP. 77A    A Prayer for All Creation (1990, arr. 1993) (Chorus and Piano) (trad.)

OP. 78      Always Mine (1990) (Light Opera) 
                  (Soloists, Chorus, and Piano)

OP. 78A    Always Mine (1990, arr. 1993) (Chorus and Piano) (K.L. Anthony)

OP. 78B    Song: Always Mine (1990, arr. 1991) (Voice and Piano)

OP. 78c    Always Mine (1990, arr. 1991) (Soprano, Baritone and Piano)

OP. 79      Eight Arrangements for a capella Vocal Quartet (arr. 1990)

OP. 80      Psalm 105 (arr. 1990) (Piano Solo) (D.L. Haworth)

OP. 81      Three Arrangements for Charlene (arr. 1991,92) (Voice and Piano)


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