Muzyka Klasyczna - John Mitchell
    Muzyka klasyczna - Kompozytor John Mitchell


Set by John Mitchell (1941-), op. 50 (1983)
Texts by Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950). 


1. Night is my sister nightismysister.mp3  

 Night is my sister, and how deep in love,
 How drowned in love and weedily washed ashore,
 There to be fretted by the drag and shove
 At the tide's edge, I lie--these things and more:
 Whose arm alone between me and the sand,
 Whose voice alone, whose pitiful breath brought near,
 Could thaw these nostrils and unlock this hand,
 She could advise you, should you care to hear.
 Small chance, however, in a storm so black,
 A man will leave his friendly fire
 For a drowned woman's sake, and bring her back
 To drip and scatter shells upon the rug.
 No one but Night, with tears on her dark face,
 Watches beside me in this windy place.

2. Columbine columbine.mp3  

 The light comes back with Columbine; she brings
 A touch of this, a little touch of that,
 Coloured confetti, and a favour hat,
 Patches, and powder, dolls that work by strings
 And moons that work by switches, all the things
 That please a sick man's fancy, and a flat
 Spry convalescent kiss, and a small pat
 Upon the pillow, paper offerings.
 The light goes out with her; the shadows sprawl.
 Where she has left her fragrance like a shawl
 I lie alone and pluck the counterpane,
 Or on a dizzy elbow rise and hark
 And down like dominoes along the dark
 Her little silly laughter spills again!

3. Time does not bring relief time.mp3  

 Time does not bring relief: you all have lied
 Who told me time would ease me of my pain!
 I miss him in the weeping of the rain:
 I want him at the shrinking of the tide;
 The old snows melt from ev'ry mountain side,
 And last year's leaves are smoke in every lane;
 But last year's bitter loving must remain
 Heaped on my heart and my old thoughts abide.
 There are a hundred places where I fear
 To go, so with his memory they brim.
 And entering with relief some quiet place
 where never fell his foot or shone his face.
 I say "There is no mem'ry of him here,"
 And so stand stricken, so remembering him.

4. You'll be sorry sorry.mp3  

 Oh, oh, you will be sorry for that word!
 Give back my book and take my kiss instead.
 Was it my enemy or my friend I heard?
 "What a big book for such a little head!"
 Come, I will show you now my newest hat,
 And you may watch me purse my mouth and prink!
 Oh, I shall love you still, and all of that.
 I never again will tell you what I think.
 I shall be sweet and crafty, soft and sly;
 You will not catch me reading any more;
 I shall be called a wife to pattern by.
 And some day when you knock and push the door,
 Some sane day, not too bright and not too stormy,
 I shall be gone,
 And you may whistle for me.

5. Beauty beauty.mp3  

 Think not, not for a moment let your mind,
 Wearied with thinking, doze upon the thought
 That the work's done and the long day behind,
 And beauty, since 'tis paid for, can be bought.
 If in the moonlight from the silent bough
 Suddenly speak your name
 The nightingale, be not assured that now
 His wing is limed and his wild virtue tame.
 Beauty beyond all feathers that have flown
 Is free; you shall not hood her to your wrist,
 Nor sting her eyes, nor have her for your own
 In any fashion; beauty billed and kissed
 Is not your turtle; tread her like a dove
 She loves you not; she never heard of love.

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