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클래식 음악 - John Mitchell
    클래식 음악 - 작곡가 존 미첼(John Mitchell)


Set by John Mitchell  (1941-) op. 25, Visions from the Flame, no. 7 (1977).
Text by 윌리엄 블레이크 (1757-1827)

      There is a smile of love, 
      [and]1 there is a smile of deceit; 
      and there is a smile of smiles, 
      in which these two smiles meet. 
      And there is a frown of hate, 
      and there is a frown of disdain; 
      and there is a frown of frowns 
      which you strive to forget in vain, 
      For it sticks in the heart's deep core, 
      and it sticks in the deep backbone.
      And no smile that ever was smiled, 
      but only one smile alone -- 
      That betwixt the cradle and grave 
      it only once smiled can be, 
      but when it once is smiled 
      there's an end to all misery.

1 omitted by Mitchell.
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